Stories to Tell

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

They tell a story that cannot be described. Or maybe words can help describe that story.

I have been given the opportunity to participate as a VIP in the Dear World College Tour coming to my campus. Its an incredible honor to be asked, particularly for a VIP spot. This means that I would have a message I want to share with the world written on my skin, and then get a professional portrait taken. I believe there is also a speech portion too, in which I describe the reasons of my message.

When I was originally asked, I struggled to find a short sentence that could describe me. Its been a week since I was asked, and twelve hours since I accepted, and I still don’t know what to write.

How do you take everything that you were, are, or want to be, and put it into only a few words? At what point are those things narcissistic?

In skimming the website, I can see that I should learn the rules just so I can break them. This is meant to be a self-reflection on stories, on experiences, on everything that life is.

I don’t know what my message for the world is.

It doesn’t feel important enough.

But maybe its because I haven’t let myself think deeply about my message. I haven’t considered my values, what I advocate for, or what drives me.

The photoshoot isn’t until August 31. I have time to mull it over, consult close friends and possibly my mom.

What message would you share with the world?

Cellar Door

These two words have often been cited as being the most beautiful phrase in the English Language. And I would have to agree.

Its pleasant to hear–did you try saying it? The phrase rolls of your tongue.

Cellar doors are often outside. They are that angled structure that one finds on the side of a house that hides stairs that go into the basement. Some people would call it a storm cellar. And sometimes these doors are located inside depending on your house design or where you’re from.

There’s something beautiful about cellar door that makes it my favorite phrase.

Its a metaphor for life.

You have to leave where you’re comfortable in order to go to the cellar door. The experiences beyond it can be positive or negative. To embrace life, you have to leave your comfort zone.

Take a step outside. Where’s your cellar door?

Beginning Somewhere

Its taken me an hour to write this post. And probably a solid week or two to decide whether to start this blog in the first place.

I fail at making decisions, and even more so when it comes to my writing.

So this is a blog by a twenty-something writer going into her junior year at a university in New Hampshire. I’m far from the rainy city I call home that includes my mom, and my beagle, Whitaker.

I want to give myself a chance to explore and reflect. Writing has always been therapeutic. I’m not quite sure what stopped me from maintaining some kind of diary over the years. Instead, I used the pages of blank spiral notebooks to interrupt my fictional drabbles with heartbroken words and stream of conscious ramblings.

Maybe this will be a risk I’ll regret, but life is short, and I should stop regretting things I’ve done.

I’ve learned more from doing crazy things.