Ten Comics that Should Be Shows/Movies

According to Goodreads, I’ve read a lot of comics in the past eight months. It seemed like a solid time to go back through my comic loves and figure out what stories should get a chance on the big screen or a TV show.

10. LumberJanes
This is the last because it’s already being worked on for a film. I think it could easily be turned into a great show. I don’t think a movie would do the comics justice. They’ve had Supernatural run for far too many seasons, so I think it’s time to give the LumberJanes a chance to shine. The girls of LumberJanes are funny, intelligent, and not afraid to be themselves. Plus they’re super queer, and I think we need more queer people of color.

9. Spider-Gwen
Gwen Stacey deserves more than just being killed off for Peter’s growth. She’s smart, and her comic features a girl who, much like Peter Parker, ends up with powers and tries her best to be the hero the world needs. And the hero that Peter Parker aspired to be. This is a comic worth reading, and definitely, one worth getting an opportunity on the big screen.

8. Paper Girls
Everyone is fawning over Stranger Things so why not have a show that focuses on four adolescent girls that stumble upon quite the odd series of events? Less funny, and more serious, this comic is worth reading if you aren’t already.

7. Black Widow
Natasha Romanov’s story should be Marvel’s entry into the spy thriller genre. Her story is beautifully illustrated by Phil Noto and is a great way to showcase what Natasha does when she’s not with the Avengers. Plus, who wouldn’t want to know what happens in Budapest?

6. Kitty Pryde
Kitty has long been a character loved by X-Men fans, myself included. She’s been pushed to the background for the X-Men films, which is a huge shame. Kitty has held an important role in the X-Men canon, and I think that’s long been forgotten since many of her important roles have gone to Wolverine (cause they’re actually BFFs) in the movies. Maybe it is too late now to give her more on the big screen, but if Marvel wants to continue with the X-Men, she’d be a great character to give a solo film.

5. America Chavez
Ms. America Chavez recently got her own solo comic, which has been much demanded by fans of her. She’s a powerful badass who can punch holes between worlds, fly, and has super strength. Not to mention she’s an alien. And super gay. Next to Ms. Marvel, American is another character we need right now. Not to mention America’s variant covers are some of the best I’ve seen.

4. Ultimate Spider-Man
Miles Morales is a character that I love and feel should get more attention. Much like Peter, Miles is a kid that gets spidey powers and starts to save his home from the local baddies that seem to show up in New York City. He breathes fresh life into a superhero moniker that has gone stale with Peter Parker.

3. Silk
Cindy Moon aka Silk is a Korean-American who is a step out of touch with her generation. Her nickname is “Analog” by her boss. She’s not someone that initially wanted her powers, and I think that’s an important metaphor for many aspects of life. Cindy spends her time working like Peter Parker and figuring out the world ten years after she locked herself away. If you’re not reading Silk, she’s worth reading about.

2. Faith
I recently read this, shared to me by Katie. And it was excellent. Faith should get so much more attention as a character, and a superhero. She is beautiful and a character who embodies body positivity and how important it is to have not only diverse characters but also characters with diverse bodies. Not everyone has that Dorito-chip body like Chris Evans, or the classic curves of ScarJo. You need superheroes like Faith.

1. Ms. Marvel
I’m not the only one that has put Kamala Khan at the top of my list. She’s a Pakistani-American who has taught me so much about her culture. Not to mention Kamala also teaches about finding the balance between two cultures for second-generation immigrant children; and then the triumvirate, her superpowers. Kamala Khan is a character that people need to see on the screen because she would change the minds of those afraid of immigrants.

Honorable Mentions: Rocket Girl, Bitch Planet, The Wicked + The Divine, Rat Queens, Nimona.

What character would you want to see get a TV series or a movie? Let me know in the comments below!


Netflix Review: One Day at a Time

With a whole winter of snow hitting my college campus in one weekend, it was a good time to hunker down and do some binge watching after my homework.

One Day at a Time is a remake of a 70s show of the same name. The premise is about a single, recently divorced mom who is raising her kids and living under the same roof as her mother. The 70s original had Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli. I haven’t watched the original, so I don’t have a frame of reference for what the show covered.

img_0107In the Netflix remake, our single mom is an Army veteran who is Cuban-American. This already peaked my interested because of the diversity. The United States is full of people of color, and our television should reflect that. Also, it’s full of veterans. The family has problems presented that are relatable like sexuality, intersectional feminism, financial instability, sexism, mental health, and religion. And the way in which these topics are handled is so graceful and realistic. It’s refreshing.

Given the aforementioned topics that the show presents throughout the 12 episode first season, this could be a lot like what happened to Glee: too much preaching, not enough heart. Glee had a lot of other problems that this show doesn’t, which has to do with the writing and how the characters are handled.

The topics addressed are threaded throughout the 30-minute episodes. While certain things are the main storyline of an episode, like when Penelope is trying to get ahold of her local Veteran Affairs office to make a doctor’s appointment, others like a character’s coming out is threaded through several episodes until it comes to fruition.

My favorite part of this show has been watching how the show handles religion with many of the topics addressed. Obviously, religion and sexuality can be a stressful topic, but One Day at a Time handles it carefully, being realistic about how people respond. I love the realism in the storytelling. Many of the events I related to, so much so that I found myself crying over the last episode.

If you need something to binge watch, consider One Day at a Time. It is such an important show that needs more attention. The cast is fantastic and hilarious. Justine Machado and Rita Moreno are a great mother-daughter team.


Happy Gilmore Girls Eve

I did a video on my YouTube channel about a similar topic, so feel free to head over there if you don’t want to read!

At 3 AM EST, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is dropping on Netflix, and I’ll be back in my favorite hometown.

Stars Hollow.

I’ll be able to return to Luke’s Diner and do my homework at the counter. Then I can sneak a burger and fries into the town hall meeting and listen to Taylor’s next crazy idea to drum up tourism.

Gilmore Girls was the signature show of my childhood. It was one of the many shows my mom and I sat down to watch.

If I were home, my mom and I would get our favorite snacks and settle down on the couch to watch all four of the new episodes. Instead, she’s working at the hospital and I’m 3,000 miles away finishing up my senior year.

Lorelai and Rory are two characters that my mom and I have always identified with. My mom and I recognized many of the trials and laughs that the Gilmore Girls experienced. We’re not as snappy with our pop culture references, and our lives didn’t always move nearly as fast.

At some point we opened our life to a third, and that third became a part of our family on April 2, 2016.

My mom isn’t exactly Lorelai, but what makes them similar is their tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. Not to mention their unconditional love for their daughter.

I’ve been compared to Rory on a number of occasions as more of my family has watched the show and saw the resemblance. My book collection is out of control and I’m studying writing and communication.

There’s infinitely more to the show that I’ve left out. The show was more than I could have ever wanted, and its up there in my Top 5 shows with Parks and Recreation and The Newsroom.

Are there any shows that have held a high place in your life? Who is a character that you identify closely with?

Hello 2016

I’m on another rewatch of Parks and Recreation, only this time its with my best friend.

We’ve recently hit the midway point of season six, and its made me realize that much like that season, a lot of changes happen in our lives. Many we can’t control, but others we merely have to ride out and figure out what’s next.

I’m at a time in my life where people are getting engaged, married, divorced, or having children, or moving cities, states or entire countries. Its a strange point to be at when you’re two years from your ten year high school reunion.

That’s a scary thought.

But more so, that life changes. And I know this sounds cliche, but it does change and it happens so fast.

Everyone goes about their life trying to figure it out, and I don’t think its easy to determine what happens with all the time spent looking for what your life is about.

On January 1st everyone makes resolutions to start new, and make healthier choices, blah blah blah. Some are successful with their goal, and others are a little short of what they wanted, but they still achieved something. Others, may not know where to start when they look at the end product and get anxious over the many steps it may take to get there.

I’m not writing this post to make grand goals about what I want to do with my life, or what I want to have happen in the next year. Some of those are attainable – like reading more books or eating healthier – and others will require more thought (like keeping a tighter reign on my spending habits).

What I do want to do, is use this post as a reminder of what I should focus on this year based on my multiple binges of Parks and Recreation, and a very thoughtful Tumblr post.

So my goal this year is:
Work as hard as Leslie.
Be as kind as Ann.
Grow as much as April.
Be as honest as Ron.
Have as much fun as Andy.
Be as selfless as Gary.
Love yourself as much as Donna.
Be as optimistic as Chris.
Aim as high as Tom.
Be as devoted as Ben.

Goals are far more achievable when you do them with others. You learn from the people around you. They can inspire you, or be the voice of reason.

Even when they’re fictional.



Do as Peggy Says

Strong female characters are hard to come by. Often times its because they’re shoved into the background or their storyline is cut short because of death, poor writing, or show cancellation. Women want to be represented on television just as much as their male counterparts – and not just to be the romantic interest.

That’s why its so incredibly important for ABC to renew Marvel’s Agent Carter. So here’s a list of reasons as to why the story of Agent Carter and her creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the most valuable television shows that needs to be renewed.

1) Agent Carter is a strong female role model.

Peggy is a strong character. She sticks to her values, knows her value to the SSR, and continues to do whatever it takes to fight for what is right. With Captain America gone, someone has to continue to fight the good fight.

But Peggy isn’t just strong. She’s interesting, and complicated. Peggy has been vulnerable, and cried. She doesn’t look for validation, and doesn’t care what her coworkers think.

And that’s because Peggy is written as a person, not just as a strong female role model.

2) Peggy is the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With Peggy being the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. this would be an excellent show to add to the Marvel repertoire. She’s a woman who created an organization to support the likes of Captain America, like the Howling Commando. They help protect people when a team like the Avengers can’t be everywhere at once.

Since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on, this would be a wonderful tie to the television show. Where else could we learn the history of such a powerful organization, and also find out how it strayed?

3) Peggy has healthy relationships.

Agent Carter isn’t searching for a husband. She misses Steve, but she isn’t going out trying to get herself hitched. She won’t date someone because she isn’t interested in them in the same way. Peggy politely turned down Sousa when he asked her out. She was touched he asked, but she didn’t want to lead him on.

In place of a romantic relationship, Peggy and Sousa have a respectful friendship. It moved past coworkers as the first season progressed, and has seemed to settle around friendship.

Peggy and Jarvis are supportive of each other. They have all of their witty banter, and he has grown to where he isn’t just a sidekick, but also a supportive friend. Jarvis respects Peggy, and does what he can to help her during a mission. He doesn’t push her aside and do things himself, he shares the load with her.

4) Peggy doesn’t take 1940s patriarchy bullshit.

The 40s were a very heteronormative time. But Peggy doesn’t let that stop her. She continues to forge her own path.

When someone says something akin to, “Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich,” she subverts that with a quick retort on her tongue, and continuing with the task at hand.

5) Peggy supports other women.

Her roommate, Colleen, worked hard nights as a riveter. She would come back in the morning to sleep just as Peggy got up for work at the SSR. They were supportive friends, and it was evident that Peggy was torn that Colleen died because they were roommates.

Peggy stuck up for Angie in the diner, and Angie returned that favor by finding Peggy a place to live. They supported each other, and trusted each other, even after Peggy’s roommate was killed.

When men would sneak into the boarding house, Peggy didn’t slut-shame the women. At one point when she found Howard with a tenant of the boarding house, Peggy berated him. She never once said an ill word towards the other women she lived with. Well, except for Dottie, but clearly there’s reason for that.

6) Peggy has excellent fashion.

Obviously Agent Carter is a period show. So the clothing is of course, period appropriate.

Peggy still shows off her feminine side while kicking ass. She doesn’t let her clothing stop her from getting her hands dirty.

And even when she needs to change, Peggy is wearing something practical. Need to go into a tunnel? Let’s wear a practical jump suit instead of her usual skirts and blouses.

There’s more reasons than just the ones listed, ABC. Even Forbes thinks you should renew Agent Carter.

So the decision is simple:

Renew Agent Carter.

You Are Leslie Knope

Fictional characters have always made up a significant portion of my life. Whether its searching for horcruxes, or fighting off the evil exes with Scott Pilgrim.

But I haven’t identified with any character more than Leslie Knope.

Besides our intense love for waffles, we also hold our friends and work in high regard.

After watching the final episode of Parks and Recreation, I realized how much I’m going to miss this show.

I’m going to miss Leslie doing whatever she can to help her friends, her waffle dates, Ron’s honesty, and basically everything this show is about. I’ve learned a lot.

The best advice from the show is surrounding myself with people who I care about, and care about me. That’s tough when you’re in college and everything is changes. They’ll help me face the world, even if we’re miles apart.

Oh, and waffles. Waffles should always be in my top three priorities.

Thanks Leslie.