Comic Review: Captain Phasma

Do you love Star Wars, AND want to know how Captain Phasma got out of the trash compactor to be in The Last Jedi? Then check out this comic!  Continue reading


Comic Review: Princess Leia

Star Wars is all the rage right now. They’ve finished filming Episode VIII, Rogue One releases December 16, and we’re all coming up with theories to answer the big question on our mind: who is Rey’s family?

I grew up watching Star Wars thanks to my mom, so its a franchise near and dear to my heart. It even inspired my next tattoo.

Marvel started producing some Star Wars comics that fill in some gaps of our favorite characters, like Darth Vader, Poe Dameron, and Kanan. It seemed only fitting that the Princess Leia comic got added to the list.

Star Wars: Princess Leia takes place after Star Wars: A New Hope. Luke and Han head off on fullmissions after the awards ceremony, and Leia is quick to head out herself. After her home planet was blown up by the Death Star, she’s eager to collect the orphans of Alderaan in order to preserve their culture. Leia sets out with another child of the planet, pilot Evaan Verlaine. Evaan was directly mentored by Leia’s mother, Queen Breha Organa, and wants to help Leia find and protect the remaining Alderaan survivors. In fact, Evaan was the one that mentioned the Galactic Empire was hunting down the remaining Alderaan citizens.

Together (with R2-D2 in tow), they defy the Rebel leaders and start to pick up survivors on Naboo, and then to a hideout on Sullust.

There’s shootouts, dogfights, and of course plenty of sass from our future General.

Being able to see what Leia was up to between the film timelines was heartwarming. Not only do you get to see her be sassy towards those around her, but you also get to experience her diplomatic side. Leia proves to be a compassionate leader that cares so deeply for her people.

I loved seeing the adventures that Leia was up to between the film verse.

Mark Waid does a great job with the story in making it interesting and providing us wih a different glimpse at Leia. Also introducing us to Evaan. That was awesome.

And Todd Dodson has some great art. He captured the action and excitement of the story written by Waid.

If you enjoy Star Wars and want to learn more about our favorite Princess and future General, pick up Star Wars: Princess Leia.