FLOTUS on Campus

Its been nearly a week since First Lady Michelle Obama came to my college campus to campaign for Hillary Clinton and gave the speech that everyone was talking about.

I’ve listened to the speech a couple of times in the last week, and I still get chills.

All I got was an email during class asking for female students interested in being in the front row hearing FLOTUS speak on Thursday, within thirty minutes of it being announced by the President of our university. Of course I was going to reply and say yes.

This was the First Lady of the United States coming to my campus. How cool was that?

As the hours passed, I started to get more and more details, and the day before I made the necessary arrangements for work shift coverage.

Thursday morning arrived, and I was standing with students. Up and down the line, students, staff and faculty were dressed to impress (myself included). After passing through the airport-like security, we packed into the gym.

And then we waited.

I stood reading a book – my line-waiting activity a standard from all of my convention experience.

After about two and a half hours, First Lady Michelle Obama came on stage in much the same fanfare as a rock star. Loud cheers, screams, and people hoping for some acknowledgement from one of the most graceful humans on the planet.

As I stood on two textbooks and recorded her speech, I realized this was not a chance I would have normally had. Attending college has enabled me with opportunities. So many that I don’t think I can recall those that I have taken and those that I haven’t. Nonetheless, they are experiences that I won’t forget anytime soon.

At one point in middle school, a teacher explained to us what carpe diem meant. Back then, I don’t think I understood the application as much as I have in the last several years. Its a lesson that has become more and more relevant.

Opportunities come from all directions, from unexpected places. They aren’t chances to be wasted.

I’m so unbelievably thankful to have gotten the opportunity to see the First Lady speak. Skipping class, and getting out of work was worth it.


Stories to Tell

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

They tell a story that cannot be described. Or maybe words can help describe that story.

I have been given the opportunity to participate as a VIP in the Dear World College Tour coming to my campus. Its an incredible honor to be asked, particularly for a VIP spot. This means that I would have a message I want to share with the world written on my skin, and then get a professional portrait taken. I believe there is also a speech portion too, in which I describe the reasons of my message.

When I was originally asked, I struggled to find a short sentence that could describe me. Its been a week since I was asked, and twelve hours since I accepted, and I still don’t know what to write.

How do you take everything that you were, are, or want to be, and put it into only a few words? At what point are those things narcissistic?

In skimming the website, I can see that I should learn the rules just so I can break them. This is meant to be a self-reflection on stories, on experiences, on everything that life is.

I don’t know what my message for the world is.

It doesn’t feel important enough.

But maybe its because I haven’t let myself think deeply about my message. I haven’t considered my values, what I advocate for, or what drives me.

The photoshoot isn’t until August 31. I have time to mull it over, consult close friends and possibly my mom.

What message would you share with the world?