Dream On

It was a strange moment to be standing parallel to her. The minister was present, along with my mom and our friends.

Our proposal had been sudden. And silly, involving her hiding the ring in my pocket.

My heart beat so hard I couldn’t hear anything else. All I wanted to do was stare at her in the simple white dress. Erin looked how a bride should, in every sense that cliche phrase implies.

And there I stood in my sweatpants.

Yes. I was wearing sweats. Strange, right?

Yeah, I thought so too. I woke up thinking it was an incredibly odd dream. Even more so when taken into account I am the most single person out of my friends.

Dreams are strange. They create vivid experiences that keep you asleepĀ or startle you awake in a cold sweat.

I could research into what my psyche is trying to tell me. Or I could have a funny story to tell my friends.

I don’t know who this Erin is in my dream. Are you real? Do we have a future together? When will we meet?

If you are real, I hope that when we do meet, and if we have a future together, that I’ll feel the same way about the real you as I did about the dream you.

Otherwise, I’ll continue to dream on.


Graduation Season

We’re well into Graduation Season. Whether its a commencement ceremony for a high school or college, people are embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

I recently watched Pitch Perfect 2, where many of those same girls are struggling to figure out their futures. And at the same time, they don’t want anything to change. They want to remain Bellas, and stay in college where life isn’t nearly as scary.

Everyone goes through that. We love a moment, or a chapter in our lives so much that we don’t want it to end.

I’m about to enter my junior year of college. For the last two years, my friends have graduated and moved on to bigger things. And as I approach my senior year, I’m starting to mull over what exactly I want to do.

Do I pursue my passion with social media? Should I dive headlong into a manuscript and actually work on something beyond short stories and nonfiction? Should I pursue working in higher education after my time as a resident assistant? Or should I go work in PR or attempt to break into the broadcast journalism business?

These are all choices I’ll probably start focusing on throughout the next year. In a pony-world, I’d be able to achieve all of these things.

And then I think back to two years ago. I was faced with where I would attend university. Do I remain within driving distance of home? Or do I take the scarier of the two options and travel 3,000+ miles away?

I made a massive pro/con list to help with this choice.

The choice that made my heart beat faster and my palms sweat, won out.

So I packed up my life, and moved 3,000+ miles across the country.

Making that choice taught me a lot. The scarier option will teach you more than remaining complacent. You’ll feel challenged, and experience both success and failure.

In this time of graduation, I remind myself how much has changed in two years, and what could still change in the next two.