Comic Review: Captain Phasma

Do you love Star Wars, AND want to know how Captain Phasma got out of the trash compactor to be in The Last Jedi? Then check out this comic! 

I love Star Wars so much I have the Millenium Falcon tattooed on my wrist. However, my comics from this universe are sorely lacking. Fear not! This is a comic to read before The Last Jedi premiers this weekend.


Christie as Phasma.

Chromed out Captain Phasma, played by Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie, was thrown into a trash compactor thanks to Han, Chewie, and Finn right after she lowered the shields to Starkiller base. Ever wonder how she escaped?


I did too.

Captain Phasma is part of the Star Wars: Limited Series. Basically, it’s a one-shot story following a specific character. I’ve previously written about Leia’s comic and how I wished there was more.

The instant Captain Phasma walked on screen in The Force Awakens, I knew I wanted to know more about her character. A character in a chromed out suit cool on bloodshed is someone I need a backstory for. This was perfect timing to read this the weekend the movie comes out. It gives me the chance to not only jump back into the universe, but also explore someone who captivates me.

Also, any role Gwendoline Christie plays is important in my book.

This story follows Phasma as she leaves the planet, and what eventually brings her back to the First Order. There’s a battle, a strange new world, and a new race of aliens. Not to mention a brief foray into Phasma’s backstory.

Kelly Thompson, writer for Jem and the Holograms and Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, does a stunning job keeping me interested in Phasma’s story from the get-go. Granted, I’m an easy sell. This story has momentum and kept me turning the pages because I cared about the characters involved. I wanted to know more about them and their time with the First Order.

I want more stories about villains, and what has led them to that point. Obviously, that’s what we got with the Star Wars prequels, even if those backfired. We want to know about Phasma for the same reason we wanted to know more about Darth Vader. They were compelled to join the Empire or the First Order. Both are characters in striking suits, who appear cut off from being human.

If you’re as interested in Captain Phasma’s character, and who she is, I recommend this comic. Also, if you want to have some questions answered from the first film, this is a must read.


What are you most hoping to find out from The Last Jedi? Let me know in the comments below!


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