Comic Review: Heavy Vinyl

High School All-Girl Vigilante Fight Club? Yes, please!

Update: The comic’s name was changed to Heavy Vinyl for Issue #4.

Everyone wants to fit in, especially in high school. That’s when we’re starting to figure ourselves out – a process that never quite ends. There’s  hormones, academics, friends, family, and a job that has a vigilante fight club. Typical teenage stuff right?

Hi-Fi Fight Club is about Chris, a girl who is the newbie at Vinyl Mayhem, the local record store. She’s excited to discover new bands and also flirt with her crush, co-worker Maggie. And then everything changes when the Fire Nation attacks lead singer to the visiting fictional band, Stegosour, goes missing. What’re the women of Vinyl Mayhem going to do? Well, obviously solve this mystery.

23683837-_sy540_All of the women that work at Vinyl Mayhem are interesting characters. In the few short pages of each issue, I’ve learned a lot about them and their music tastes. Not to mention who they are to the team. There are some surprises too.

I love the writing of this comic because I feel so much second-hand embarrassment in Chris’ experience. She’s trying to figure out her area of expertise in music and where she fits in with her coworkers. It’s not easy. Every time she’s awkward with a customer or her crush, I get all giggly because I know exactly what that’s like. Spot on emotions and reactions. Great job, Carly Usdin (known for directing Suicide Kale, and RuPaul’s Drag Race).

The art is fun, done by freelancer Nina Vakueva. You can see more of her work on her webcomic, Lilith’s Word. The colors and style of the 90s are captured in her art, and it all takes me back to childhood. I wasn’t a teenager during the 90s, but I remember seeing all the cool kids dressed so effortlessly.

I recommend this comic if you like fight clubs, all-girl teams, fighting the patriarchy, and some women loving women. Right now you can find Issues 1-3 in your Local Comicbook Store (LCS). Issue 4 should be out at the end of November. Hopefully Boom! Box will continue this series because I can see a lot of great adventures happening for this team. They need to beat down the patriarchy after all.

Want to know what music is playing in Vinyl Mayem? Check out the store playlist made by Carly Usdin.



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