Beautiful Trauma

Everyone has a music artist that they love and have followed their discography. Somehow that artist spoke to your soul. All those feelings and thoughts put into a melody that made you shiver.

11-year-old me loved everything about P!NK. She’s confident,¬† and she didn’t care what other people thought about her. And I needed that.

A role model to show me that it’s okay to be an unconventional person and be yourself. Speak your mind, and help others.

Every album she’s released gets added to my music rotation. She doesn’t just sing about her joys, she sings about her rock bottoms, her disappointments, and the world around her.

Recently, P!NK was accepting the MTV Video Vanguard Award, and her speech is one of my favorite things because I think it’s a reminder we need to hear more of:

“We don’t change. We take the gravel in the shell and make a pearl. We help other people to change so that they can see other kinds of beauty.”

She released her newest album, “Beautiful Trauma,” and there’s something so unique about this album. As with all of her albums, there’s something so personal about it. She writes about life¬†experience and emotions so deeply that I haven’t heard another artist that speaks to me in all the ways I need to hear.

The instant this album came out, I slid my earbuds in and started to listen. I didn’t care about being at work, and the problems we were having in our production schedule. I needed to listen. She sold me on this album when the single, “What About Us” came out.

P!NK is one of those artists that is so true to herself. She’s a reminder to me that it’s okay to be unconventional, to live my life and do what I do best. Don’t change because people want me to conform. Challenge myself and always strive to be better.

Check out her new album, “Beautiful Trauma” on Spotify.

Comment below with the music artist or album that speaks to your soul.


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