Ride it Out

Below is the transcript for this video.

Public Transportation holds an odd space in the world. It brings people together as they move between moments in their lives. It’s television static and scene changes.

For a $61 billion industry, it plays a valuable but constant role in the lives of millions, particularly in cities.

My time on public transportation started in Seattle. I used the bus to get to Pike Place to meet friends or grab mini donuts from Daily Dozen. My ridership increased during convention season when I would ride between suburbia and the city for the weekend.

Now I spend nine to eleven hours each week riding the T to and from work. I’ve joined the 774,000 daily trips on the MBTA.

Many abhor the idea of public transportation. Perhaps they think of it as dirty or broken. And in some instances that is the case. But its more than crowded train cars and a petri dish of bacteria.

Utilizing the T gives me the opportunity to read, call my mom, or any number of things I can’t do at work or while I’m driving. These tasks seem small, but they keep me connected. I see the same faces of nurses, construction workers, grandmothers, college students, children, and working parents every day. We’re all occupying a liminal space, unsure what will happen each time the speakers crackle and a garbled message comes out.

My life is floating right now. Graduation was nearly six months ago. I’m not sure where I’m going, or what my next adventure will be. I don’t just occupy a liminal space while on the T, that’s where my life is at too.

We all reach these points where we’re stuck at an in-between. It’s the doldrums of grey days, lost hours, and an odd numbness about life. That itchy feeling in the back of your head that wants more, but you’re not sure of what.

Sometimes you have to ride it out.


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