After the Revival Part 1

I know I planned to read comics and write some reviews over Thanksgiving, but the break turned out to be less of a break and more of a time to focus on homework and Gilmore Girls. The following post does contain spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 

People have mixed feelings about how Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ended. After nearly a week of it trending, I’m still reading about the motions from the end of the final revival episode, ‘Fall.’ The twenty-four hours immediately after I finished (and caught up on lost sleep) I immersed myself in Gilmore Discourse.

‘Fall’ brought about a lot of good-byes just after we were brought back to Stars Hollow. I noticed that the final twenty minutes of that episode is what really got to people. It got weird with a strange Mr. Toad’s wild ride farewell montage with the Life or Death Brigade before we saw a final moment between Logan and Rory.

Luke made a final stand with Lorelai, saying he didn’t want to give up on them, and that they had come so far. He was willing to fight for every inch. Lorelai calmed him down and said after nearly ten years of them being a couple, that they should get married.

After a secret bingo night wedding with those close to them, Luke and Lorelai finally tie the knot after ten years of being engaged, and over twenty years of knowing each other. As Lorelai and Rory sit on the gazebo steps during the wedding party, Rory reveals she’s pregnant.

Cut to black.

It’s fair to be frustrated at this ending. It leaves a lot open. Will there be more? How does Lorelai feel about this other than surprise? Is Rory ever going to tell Logan, who is the assumed father based on what we know of her sex life?

Looking back at the last twenty minutes, a lot of her conversations make sense. Rory at one point visits her father and asks him if he ever feels bad for missing out on not raising her. And Chris says he feels like things happened the way they were supposed to. He’s accepted that he was supposed to be aloof and Lorelai was supposed to do it all. Fate wanted it that way.

This wasn’t just research for her book, this was for her. Rory needed to be reassured that she was going to be all right.

Rory and Lorelai are obvious parallels. Same with Christopher/Logan and Luke/Jess. What is different about Rory’s future is that she would be the example of how Lorelai’s life would have gone had she not gotten pregnant at sixteen. Rory is in a much better place in her life – mostly. She’s surrounded by a supportive family, friends, and town. We don’t know if or when Jess will come back into Rory’s life. What we do know is that he’ll be there at the right moment in her life when she needs him – as he’s always done. I’ll talk more about Jess in Part 2.

While the show doesn’t end in the diner where it began, the show closes at the open. We’re still in Stars Hollow, CT. The town is still as quirky. And for now, that’s all we can ask for.

Part 2 is going to be dedicated to Jess and the show, and why this show came at such an important time of my life that it made me ugly cry. Stay tuned!

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