Here we are

I’m sure we’re all sleepless and feel like the results are from a fever dream.

This was never going to be an easy battle like the previous two elections.

So much has changed and its only been one night.

I started off the day seeing so many people posting statuses about voting. It made me warm inside to see how many were excited to vote in their first presidential election.

I had the privilege of having my first presidential election be for President Obama’s first term. It was thrilling to know that I was making history, and that momentum carried high school grads like myself to the polls. Not in droves. But it was the first ripple of a trend.

We’re more aware, we’re more educated. And that is scary for any candidate to handle. We don’t trust candidates at their word, and investigate all claims for and against them. Our concerns aren’t that of just me, it’s of the we, its of the other that everyone is so afraid of and hates.

The we that everyone else thinks is in the right is out of step with our country. They’re behind the times, and are dragging all of our hard work and progress back into the mud.

All because they’re afraid. And ill-educated.

Fear did this. Fear of the other; fear of the unknown. Fear won. Now the victors feel safe, and the minorities feel dread.

We are no longer accepted. We’re smudges that the president-elect will want to clean up.

In a few hours the sun will rise. The planet kept spinning. We’ll all get up and move about our day in a daze. Or in anger.

Take all of that ill will and use it in our favor. Don’t go low. Turn the other cheek. Educate.

Raise up the voices of the minorities. Stand back and provide them a platform to speak, and amplify them.

We can mourn and use our anger to fuel change.


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