Comic Review: Rocket Girl

Time travel. Jet packs. The 80s. All awesome things, right?

You’ll find all of those things and more in Rocket Girl.

15-year-old Dayoung Johansson travels back to 1986 from 2013 to stop a major corporation from utilizing their time travel machine in order to get ahead. Reminds me of “Back to the Future II,” and Biff using the DeLorean to set up his future riches.

Written by Brandon Montclare and illustrated by Amy Reeder (the duo also does Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur), Rocket Girl is quite the adventure.

cover1-r6Protagonist Dayoung Johansson is quite the spitfire as a police officer of the future. She has a strong moral compass, and dreamed of always being part of the New York Teen Police Department (NYTPD). Teen Police Department? Yup. You read that right. In order to prevent corrupt cops, the police department is filled with teenagers. If you work there until you’re 30, then you receive a contract from Quintum Mechanics, the company Johansson is trying to stop.

As someone who was born in 1990, its interesting to have another comic give me another perspective on the 80s.

Montclare does a great job capturing my attention with the story of Johansson and her colleagues in the NYTPD. I’m eager to read more of their adventures, and see the parallels that happen between the “1986 Present” and the “2013 Past.” Don’t worry, that will all make sense when you read the comic.

Reeder’s art is one of my favorite parts about Rocket Girl. The layouts of the action, and the pages is so fluid. I can’t see it being any other way.

I also liked that the bonus content was from Montclare describing the different page layouts for some of the more action-packed scenes, and then Reeder’s designs of how each panel and page was put in order to capture what they both were visualizing. I included one of my favorite page spread at the end so you’ll see what I mean!

I definitely recommend Rocket Girls if you’re a fan of time travel, the 80s, and jet packs. Plus a whole host of other bits that make this story a great romp in the past.



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