Comic Aritst: Phil Noto

I was first introduced into Phil Noto‘s art when I picked up the the first volume for the Black Widow series (which I’m going to write a review for later).

And then I picked up the second volume. Followed by an 11×17 Black Widow piece for my wall. #worthit

Phil Noto has incredible talent.

His art is rich in color, and has this beautiful touch to it. I don’t even know how to describe it properly.

Every page of a comic he’s done, or a variant cover feels like a work of art. There’s so many character portraits on his Tumblr that I would put up on a wall in a future apartment of mine.

Noto’s lines are soft, yet add subtle detail to each piece when combined with his colors.

I know I keep talking about the color in his pieces, but I think you see what I mean:


I’m going to follow Noto’s comic work because I want to see more of his art in my life.


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