Comic Review: Spider-Gwen

Spider-Man has been a popular character. He’s had three actors portray him with the different series reboots he’s received in order to properly align him with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Peter Parker has meant a lot to fans over the years. But maybe like myself, you’ve wanted other characters with powers like Spider-Man’s to fight crime. I’ve already introduced you to Silk aka Cindy Moon. Now let’s look at someone much closer to Peter that has the spidey-sense.

Thanks to the Spider-Verse, let me introduce you to Spider-Gwen.

Originally from a five issue series by Jason Latour, Spider-Gwen is in a universe where Peter doesn’t get bit by that nasty radioactive spider, Gwen Stacey does. And now she has her own solo series.

You’re probably wondering what makes Spider-Gwen so interesting?

portrait_uncannyWell, when we first meet Gwen, she’s in the drummer for The Mary Janes, a rock band to support Em Jay Watson’s singing career. She ends up quitting after fighting a villain at one of their concerts, and Em Jay claiming she doesn’t like Gwen’s attitude. That’s okay, Em Jay, Gwen has much better things to do.

All of your usual Spider-Man humor is present with Gwen being just as cheeky as Peter. Sometimes she just sings the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song because she can. And who doesn’t hum or sing an ear-worm just to get rid of it?

The original five issue run has a lot of mixed emotions. Many feel like anything Spidey related is overdone, and others feel like the story is confusing.

What Spider-Gwen vol. 0: Most Wanted does is briefly touch on her origin story (and let readers fill in the rest), and then dive into her present life. That’s actually all fine with me. I don’t want another rehash of this because I think that’s been beaten to death. So suddenly we’re thrown into the action of Spider-Gwen parading about stopping villains that endanger the city’s civilians.

I love Jason Latour’s writing of the series. He instills what people like about Spider-Man, but also giving Gwen a life of her own.

Robbi Rodriguez does a phenomenal job with the art. Its actually my favorite part of the series. The colors are quirky, but fitting. Gwen’s outfit is my favorite. Who wouldn’t want to swing around in a comfortable hoodie like hers?

Now that Spider-Gwen gets her own series, you can follow her escapades in Spider-Gwen vol. 1: Greater Power.

I’ve been recommending Spider-Gwen to my friends who are tired of Peter Parker always getting the focus, and are looking for an interesting alternate.



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