Comic Review: Ms. Marvel

I don’t remember when I heard about Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel. All I know is I was immediately interested.

Ms. Marvel is written by G. Willow Wilson, and is about Pakistani-American teenager, Kamala Khan. She stumbles upon her powers at a party, and her story ramps up from there. With her best friend Bruno at her side, Kamala starts to figure out her powers and how she can use them like her own hero inspiration, Captain Marvel.

Kamala Khan not only helps expand the diverse characters and introduce the ever growing group of Inhumans, but she also covers the struggle of many teenagers of immigrant parents. She’s not only trying to figure out who she is – what teenager isn’t? – but also appease her parents and the traditions of her community.

page5Much like Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Kamala questions her powers, and her ability to wield them. She’s an excellent foil for the reader in a world where having superpowers could spell constant danger for herself and those immediately in her vicinity. Wouldn’t you be worried about your friends and family? Plus, Kamala is also trying to find a balance with her religion and religious family, and the life she has as a new superhero and American teenager.

These are struggles that a growing number of this generation are facing. How do you balance everything between both parts of yourself? What do you give up to make your parents proud? When is it okay to stand up for yourself to your family?

I’m so glad that Ms. Marvel exists. Much like Kitty Pryde and Peter Parker, Kamala Khan is a voice for our generation to help us navigate this messy world.

There’s some cameos that cross paths with Kamala, including where she got her namesake from, aka Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers. And Wolverine wanders through with his usual gruffness.

G. Willow Wilson does a phenomenal job writing Ms. Marvel, and I can’t wait to pick up the next trade to continue her story. It’s all woven together to beautifully. The art by Adrian Alphona is beautiful, and I just want more of it.

I can’t recommend Ms. Marvel enough. This review isn’t on any particular volume of the trade paperback (I’m currently up to volume 4). But if you’re looking for a character to start following, Kamala Khan’s journey is a great place to start.




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