Comic Review: A-Force: Warzones

DC has the Bombshells, so Marvel must have some group with of all their women superheroes, right?

If you thought, Yes, then you are correct.

Let me introduce you to Marvel’s A-Force in A-Force: Warzones. They’re Marvel’s Mightiest women. And they’re all together in a team that kicks ass. A-Force: Warzones is written by G. Willow Wilson (of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan) and Margeurite Bennett (who writes Bombshells), with art by Jorge Molina (he has a huge repertoire).

A-Force has a huge roster. Every single one of Marvel’s mighty women is part of the team.

8903e820de7987d1ba74ddf68ee2e990-_sx640_ql80_ttd_A-Force: Warzones takes place during the Secret Wars event, where the team lives on Battleworld in the nation of Arcadia. It starts with quite a bang, with Arcadia being attacked by a megalodon (there’s a lot of Sharknado jokes) and Ms. America Chavez saves the day by throwing the shark over the wall that divides the nations. But that’s just the start of the battle (literally).

She-Hulk does her best to lead her team and protect Arcadia. Some of the most notable cameos are Captain Marvel, Medusa, and Dazzler. But you’ll also see Ms. America Chavez, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Gwen (those are the ones I can remember).

I love the art. The colors are rich with the details in each frame. All of the characters have snappy dialogue. I was laughing throughout this volume. One of my favorite scenes I shared on Instagram, and a few comments on the photo on Facebook gave me the opportunity to share with friends about Ms. America Chavez (who they had no idea existed!).

If you’re looking for something wild to read that kicks off the A-Force series, A-Force: Warzones might be the read for you. See how many different character cameos you can see, and test your knowledge while also reading an action packed story with some of my favorite bits of dialogue.


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