Comic Review: Kitty Pryde – Shadow & Flame

Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat is one of my favorite X-Men. But she’s constantly shortchanged in the movies where her storylines are given to Wolverine. The comics are were she gets far more attention.

One of the comics I’ve been looking forward to reading is Astonishing X-Men: Kitty Pryde – 657135Shadow & Flame. In this story, Kitty receives a letter from someone in Japan, where she hadn’t been since her time there with Wolverine. She decides to travel to Japan with her trusty dragon alien, Lockheed. Upon their arrival, Kitty notices a lot of cloak and dagger behavior, and decides to pursue her suspicions.

Kitty’s been dragged into a much larger plot than she anticipated. Shadowcat gets lost in her own memories and dreams as she recalls the last time she was in Japan when she was possessed by Ogun.

There’s a lot going on in this one-shot. Kitty shows off her ninja abilities and that she isn’t to be messed with. Her intelligence shines through as she solves everything thrown at her like its a walk in the park.

Akira Yoshida has done an amazing job doing Kitty’s character justice. And Paul Smith’s art is phenomenal with all of the action packed scenes.

If you’re a fan of Kitty Pryde like I am, or you like the X-Men, Shadow & Flame is worth reading.

Now if only Kitty got this much attention in the movies.

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