Comic Review: DC Bombshells

When I created my summer reading list, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just looking at the women of Marvel. DC deserved some love too.

51smenwjsll-_sx320_bo1204203200_Katie really came through in recommending this one (she basically came up with half the list so I have her to thank for some of my new favorite comics).

When I picked up DC Bombshells, I was enamored with the cover. Its a great introduction to the DC heroines battling in the 1940s during World War II. If that doesn’t get you reading, then I hope my review will get you to pick up DC Bombshells and give it a read.

With all the DC Dames in the 40s, the first section of volume one reminded me of League of Their Own with Batwoman taking center stage at a baseball game playing for the Gotham Knights. She fights crime deftly with her baseball bat in hand, and is enlisted to join the fight in Europe, leaving behind her beautiful girlfriend (who she writes letters to in her head).

Based off of 40s pinup art, the women that make up the DC Bombshells is an impressive list: Stargirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman,  Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and the aforementioned Batwoman, to name a few. They’re led by Amanda Waller, the head of Suicide Squad. Waller recruits many of these women to join the Bombshells and defend the homefront. And she was smart to pull these powerful women together.

I love the art and coloring of Bombshells. It has that nostalgic feel of the 40s pinup art, and preserves the look of the period piece.

The overall story is exciting and will keep you reading. I was hooked immediately, and each included issue didn’t let me down. You’ll get the backstories and the current situations of Supergirl & Stargirl, Wonder Woman & Mera, Batwoman, and Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy.

justice-league-43-bombsvariant-4c74eThere’s also a lot of merchandise for Bombshells like pint glasses, which are pretty neat.
And all of the covers for the comic look like 40s advertisements or war effort propaganda.

TL; DR: I highly recommend DC Bombshells for such a fun take on the DC women. The story by Bennett is fun, and the art by Suavage is awesome.


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