Comic Review: Paper Girls

Did you ever see the movie Now and Then? You know the one, with Rosie O’Donnell and Demi Moore, where its a huge flashback into their past starring Christina Ricci?

That movie.

papergirls_vol01-1Take that movie, throw in some supernatural elements, and you have Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan.

Or at least that’s the TL;DR version of how to describe Paper Girls.

The longer version is that four girls deliver the morning newspaper in their seemingly small town. And they run into some guys that give them some trouble on Halloween. They stick together in order to stay safe, when they run into some even bigger trouble.

You’re probably wondering where the stereotypical paperboys are, well, they’re not around. One of the paper girls took over her older brother’s paper route, and paved the way for her friends.

This book had been recommended to me by my nerd in crime, Katie, and a few other friends that said its a must read for my Summer List.

And I wasn’t disappointed. This book was a fun romp through the late 80s, and made me yearn for my childhood in the 90s.

The art by Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson is amazing, and so is the coloring.


Every moment in the story felt important, and pushed me to turn the page. When I finished volume one, I instantly wanted to rush out to the store and find volume two, or order the individual issues.

I can definitely echo Katie’s sentiments and say that Paper Girls is worth the read. I can’t wait to continue the story.


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