Chipotle: An Open Letter

Dear Chipotle,

I’m sorry consumers have become scared of your food. It saddens me to think that people who have never experienced your delicious burritos are speaking out so vehemently about your restaurants because of the recent food concerns.

I ventured into the comments section on an article about one of the most recent outbreaks, and stared at the irate consumers’ reactions. One person wrote, “I wouldn’t eat a burrito even if it were wrapped in a million dollars.”

Really? Because a million dollars could cover the health costs of being treated for E. coli, or norovirus. And it could cover the cost of my student loans and tuition.

These people are irrationally afraid.

Maybe they don’t know that according to the National Safety Council’s Odd’s of Dying study for 2011, on average 1 in 112 will die in a car accident. Or 1 in 358 die from a firearm assault; and 1 in 6,699 die because a firearm accidentally discharges.

We’re exposed to many more worse things than a food-borne illness.

1 in 7 will die from heart disease or cancer.

So really, there isn’t any reason to worry about what’s happening in your restaurants.

Or at least I’m not worried.

I intend on being a loyal customer because your food is delicious, and a healthier alternative when I’m on the go.

Also, I love burritos.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’re working tirelessly to get ahead of the health and safety concerns. So far there haven’t been any rewards or a light at the end of the tunnel that things are improving financially.

But, I’m with you until the end.




2 thoughts on “Chipotle: An Open Letter

  1. To be fair, there are other places that make burritos… some might even say they make better burritos. You ever get a burrito with French Fries in it? I’ve seen a place that even gives you free chips.

    There are bunches of scrumptious burritos waiting to be packed, wrapped, and savagely attacked. Many burrito bodegas are awaiting to be unburried by the errant urban explorer.

    The tex-mex is out there.


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