How bad do you want it

I’m touted as being successful. And I suppose in some aspects of my life, I am. I have my doubts that its little more than luck.

I keep myself motivated.

Once in a while, something or someone comes along and destroys that. I’m full of more doubts than ever. As someone that suffers from Imposter Syndrome, that can set me back. Suddenly all of my internal dialogue has become external by others.

I take time to myself, and figure out what happened. Where I went wrong. What can I learn from what they said? Or were they being a bully?

There’s a fine line between criticism, and bullying. And sometimes people don’t know which side they end up on when they start talking.

I’m a product of bullying. Elementary school was rough for a vertically challenged kid like me. I know what its like to have people talk down to you. And the aftermath of being pushed around physically and verbally. I don’t want anyone else to know what that feels like.

After reflecting, and feeling the most unmotivated I’ll ever be, I get up.

And I ask myself, “How bad do I want it?”

How bad do I want success?

I listen to a lot of TedTalks, and a lot of motivational speakers. My favorite is Eric Thomas.

Maybe those that tear me down don’t want it as badly as I do.

Maybe they do.

But spending time tearing me down won’t stop me for long.

I’ll kill you with kindness and keep going.

Because I want success as badly as I want to breathe.

Prove to me that you want it too.


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