I’m fooling myself.

“I’m fooling myself,” or “I’m not good enough,” or “I did a terrible job,” have all been phrases I’ve said to myself. These messages of doubt and more have been repeated to myself a thousand times.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like my skills are as adequate as my friends, family, and employers have come to believe.

I voiced these thoughts last spring to my counselor, and she suggested I look up Imposter Syndrome.

So away I went to Google, and found myself in the company of quite a lot of Imposters on Wikipedia.

Well. Not real imposters. Others like Emma Watson, John Green, and Neil Gaiman, to name a few.

Its estimated that 70% of people have Imposter Syndrome, feelings that they don’t deserve where they are in life because they’re fooling those around them.

That’s a substantial number. 70% of people? If you take the entire US population (318.9 million people), 70% of that amount puts the Imposter Syndrome sufferers as 223.2 million. That is a lot of people.

In the past few weeks, I’ve found a significant number of articles (all listed at the end of this post) where people are starting to talk about Imposter Syndrome. And its probably for the best. It validates the feelings of those that do experience these feelings.

People who feel like imposters are often perfectionists, and strive to succeed in all aspects of their life. Rarely are they actually the frauds.

There’s even a test you can take to determine how often you experience these feelings and if you are someone that thinks of yourself as an imposter.

I’m more relieved that I’m not alone in these feelings. That my stress stems from this belief that I am a fraud.

In order to help myself, I told my best friend how I felt, and what my counselor said. And sharing this information has helped me cope. She’s noticed changes in my mood when internally I feel like I am going to get found out. That someday, someone will realize that I’ve been lying my whole life.

And those are scary thoughts to have.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced these feelings!

Articles of Reference:
Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back? – Huffington Post
If You Have Imposter Syndrome… – LifeHacker.com
Do You Have Days When You Feel Like An Imposter? – Inc.com
Imposter Syndrome – Wikipedia


4 thoughts on “I’m fooling myself.

    1. I got a 78 on that test. And its just a number when you think about it. I decided that its good to know if you are someone who experiences these feelings because then you can try to catch yourself in those negative thoughts and try to change that with more positive affirmations about your hard work, etc.


      1. Well I definitely already knew that I felt like that–a little lost, a little regretful, a little imposter-ish. But yes, I think catching yourself in those (or any) negative thoughts and trying to change them into something more positive is always something to strive for.


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