Maybe, Someday.

As a writer, I follow a lot of other writers on WordPress. I also follow a lot of readers. They read, like I read, but then they write a review. Sometimes we read the same things, and sometimes their book choices are vastly different than my own.

And that’s a good thing. I get exposure to all the books I might not read, and that may end up on my to-read shelf on Goodreads.

As I skim their reviews, sometimes I stop and wonder: If I got published, would they read my book? Would they read my essays or short stories? What would they think?

Then I worry: Is that selfish?

Is that selfish to think I’ll get published one day? Some of the reviewers I follow are writers, too. Who says which one of us will get plucked to the big leagues?

Maybe, someday a query will get successful. Maybe, someday I’ll finish a novel, or write enough short stories for a collection. Maybe, someday one of my short stories will get published.

Maybe. Someday.

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