Miss it when you’re gone

Its often said you don’t know what you’ve missed until you’ve been away.

Sitting in the terminal at Sea-Tac waiting for my plane to pull in to Gate N7 for my flight to Boston as I write this, I’m reminded why I love my home, and why I’ll never find anything like it.

I’ve had two friends from New Hampshire here with me, and they’ve seen the sights and experienced a brief stint of living on the upper left. Its been strange to have both worlds collide. Where I find those sights and experiences normal, I am also reminded that not everyone grew up in a diverse area of the country.

As my two friend groups collided, it was an odd feeling to share my world with newcomers. We traversed my hometown so I could have them try a bite – sometimes literally – of my life.

My cousin C hung out with us a lot, first when he came out during finals week to visit before we flew home, and again when my friends came home with me for the winter break. We became quite the group to traverse new restaurants and venture around the city to take in the quirks Seattle had to offer.

I mentioned to C that my friend Ashley thought that my hometown of Redmond was the perfect place to come from. She stated more than once that she wished she could transport it to the East Coast.

I had to remind her that once you take something out of its environment, its not the same. Its not the quirky place without the culture that made it.

My hometown is where Microsoft has exploded, and Nintendo of America calls home. There’s card and board game stores. The food is diverse, and allowed me to try so many different things. Our city had an active culture and was an amazing place to grow up.

I wouldn’t have realized how great it was until I left and experienced a place so different.




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