Relationships aren’t easy

We sat on my bed with the poorly timed, “I’d do anything” by Simple Plan playing from Spotify in the background.

My throat felt tight and dry while my cheeks were wet. It was easier to focus on my grey-blue sheets than on her light blue eyes.

It was all going to end before it had an official beginning.

We shouldn’t have let it start. Our emotions on our sleeves betrayed us.

The justifications to ourselves should have been that first sign that this was wrong. Cuddling during the day is as friends, right?

There we sat, with ill-timed music as white noise, on my bed.

We didn’t have any other choice.

It was mutual when I saw her eyes water, and then covered my face with my hands to try and stop my own tears.

They say that you don’t know what joy is until you’ve experienced sadness. But what if that happiness brought on the sadness? Is there a saying for that?


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