Tumblr’s Fears on Love

While scrolling through Tumblr, I stumbled on the following post that made me Tumblr's Fears On Lovestop. I stared at it for several long minutes. Reblogs are an easy way to denote if people identify with a piece or not. And this one had a considerable number that I couldn’t scroll past.

Over a million people feel the same way as user fluerly. And when searching “love fears,” other posts similar to this one rise to the top.

People are afraid to love, and to be loved. Its scary. The act of putting your fears aside to take a risk is daunting. In my attempts to not be afraid of heights, I’ve climbed trees until I can look down and not feel like I’m going to throw up. But it took me a long time to consistently reach a height that didn’t have an adverse affect on me.

Risks help you grow. They’re a key point in your character development arc. Your whole life is that arc, however some parts are more poignant than others.

Admittedly, the risk to love or be loved might end in heartbreak. But you’ll grow from that experience, even after the pain fades. However, there’s also the possibility that good comes of the risk.

I hope fluerly realizes they’re not alone in their fear.


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