Leaders are…

In my time at college, I have participated in a lot of programs for leadership development. At some point people realized that I am a natural leader, and have pushed me to these programs.

Of course, with these programs comes a lot of repeats.

And that’s okay. There are some aspects of leadership development that I enjoy, like TED Talks.

My favorites have been two by Simon Sinek. His first with TED, was “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” and his second is, “Why good leaders make you feel safe.”

They add valuable thoughts on why good leadership is not a top down model, and more of a circle or a horizontal line. This makes perfect sense.

A leader shouldn’t be someone that leads from above. They shouldn’t be someone that is not willing to look out for the person on their left or their right. Leaders are not always the person immediately ahead of the group.

Leaders are made and inspired.

And they are the ones that inspire and make others.

When we hear good leaders described, we are told what they did for their team. They sacrificed for the benefit of the group. We aren’t told what they had to do about the individuals in the group.

These are the ones that do not share the same sense of camaraderie as the rest of the group. They see the M-E in team and choose that over the person on their left, and the person on their right.

How did great leaders handle the dissenters? Or the ones that poisoned the water?

Leaders have heavy responsibilities eased by their team.

My role as a natural leader has continued to evolve, I’ve realized that a supportive team is the biggest help I could ask for. And much of the time I don’t have to ask for it. I know when they’ve got my back, and they know when I’ve got theirs. We feel equally supported, and have that trust.

But what if we feel our team is struggling because the division of weight bearing is disproportionate? How do I, as the leader, confront the situation to balance it all out?

How would you handle this? Have you thanked the leader that inspired you?


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