It’ll Grow Back

In the summer of 2014, I decided I wanted to dye my hair purple. High school and college is probably the prime time for doing this. At least in the early years. Its a chance for exploration and experimentation in self.

“How do you pick a color for your hair?” M said, and glanced up from his work iPhone. He is the associate dean of my university, and came by the office to have lunch with the director of our department.

I glanced up from the Reddit front page. “Oh. I just decide, I guess. Sometimes it depends on my mood for when I’m dying it.”

“You just seem to change your colors so often, and I’ve always wondered how you made that choice,” he said. “I’ve always seen hair as an important part of presenting yourself. And I’m so fascinated that you and some others on campus change your hair so often.”

“I think of my hair as something I can change at a whim. And its something that if I mess it up, I can cut it off and start over,” I said.

“I keep my  hair trimmed because otherwise I look like a Muppet,” M said.

I nodded. “I experiment. And if its bad, I’m fine with it. It’ll grow back.”

Hair ColorsMy hair color has been a great chance to experiment. I’m lucky that I’m a chameleon, so I haven’t experienced any terrible colors yet.

Hair dye is temporary. Its a cheap way to make a change.

Tonks had the right idea being a Metamorphmagus.


3 thoughts on “It’ll Grow Back

  1. Every time I decide I want to add some color to my hair (something bright, aside from typical hair colors), I make up some excuse for why it’s not a good time and then it actually isn’t a good time. Props to you for being so bold (pun intended).

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