June 26, 2015 is going to be a date students will have to know for a test. I’m predicting it now.

Years from now, high schoolers will be sitting in their American Government class feverishly filling in blocks on a scantron about important cases through the Supreme Court that have changed the entire country.

When the announcement was made, and the interns did their run, I was busy retweeting and posting on social media. I am the President of Generation Equality, the LGBTQ+ club/advocacy group on my university’s campus. Internally I was celebrating too, and trying to not cry with joy at work.

“Congratulations on today! That’s awesome,” my friend Ashley said when she came by the office with the rest of the resident assistant staff.

I blinked at her, and smiled. “Oh, thank you.”

It feels odd to receive congratulations on something I had no part in. I wasn’t someone who continued to appeal each ruling to a higher court. All I did was identify within the community.

This was a monumental decision. And it will have impacts that we don’t even know about yet – economically, mentally (in a positive way), etc.

Many have realized that what was decided by SCOTUS has no harmful effect on their life. This conservative on CNN had some amazing commentary that I think the rest of the Republican party needs to hear and think deeply on.


Love won. People can marry who they would like. And its beautiful that we have that choice across the whole nation.


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