I spend a lot of time listening to music. Whether I’m at work, driving, working out, writing, cleaning or whatever task is on my agenda, there’s music playing.

My favorite part about music is finding that one song, or group of songs that capture my mood. When a huge change has occurred, so does the anthem I picked for that time of my life.

Anthems are that song you could listen to for a 24 hours straight and never get bored. It feeds your soul.

When I first moved to New Hampshire at the end of August 2013, I had been listening to New Politics, Walk the Moon, Watsky, and MS MR for the entire summer while at work. They all captured different moods during my 10 hour work day that carried me through.

By the end of my first year, I had stuck pretty solidly to MS MR, and their song “Hurricane” as my personal anthem. By the time summer rolled around, I spent 8-12 hours at work, answering phones and various other projects. And of course, all of my music.

My anthem changed after talking to a friend over the summer. We were sharing fanfiction and songs, when she sent me a music video of The Killers’ “Just Another Girl” starring the wonderful, Diana Agron. As I processed the lyrics, I realized how much of this song had a stronger meaning to me.

At the beginning of my second semester at school, I came out of a relationship entirely heartbroken. And while I had the naive hope that we’d get back together, this song reminded me that I shouldn’t have my heart set on a single person. I needed to let this one go.

I’ve since found other songs. “Geronimo” from Sheppard became my new anthem, because I’ve said yes to the opportunities that have crossed my path. And of course, Walk the Moon’s album has taken up a permanent residence on my phone. Along with Taylor Swift’s, “Bad Blood,” but that song is an entire blog post on its own.

Do you have any current or past anthems?


2 thoughts on “Anthems

  1. YES! TAYLOR! SWIFT! Homegirl never fails to impress the heck out of me and I cannot tell you how many of her songs have been my “anthem” at one point or another. Also, “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons, “Just Stay Here Tonight” by Augustana, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, etc.

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