Some Music

Some bands have music that just makes you smile and laugh and dance. Others have songs that speak to your soul.

I’ve had the opportunity to see several artists live that have created music that has inspired me, made me smile, helped me through a rough patch, or has just been a song I’ve belted in the car.

My favorite band in the last few years has been Walk the Moon. They’re a college band from Ohio, and have since had quite the tour with their most recent album, “Talking is Hard.” You’ll probably recognize them for songs such as their first hit, Anna Sun:

They’re a band that has some great high energy music, which makes them excellent to see live. If you haven’t checked out their new album, “Talking is Hard,” you should. Their hit song, Shut Up and Dance, is perfect for the summer:

New Politics is a little band from Denmark. Two of their three members hail from Europe, and their drummer is from New York. They have positive things throughout their music, and liven up the stage with acrobatics and speeches about how everyone maters and can make a difference.

They’re biggest hit has been Harlem:

And the rest of their albums have a lot of great songs too. Actually, there are too many favorites for me to post.

A final band/artist that has meant a lot to me is MS MR. I’m not sure how to describe this group except that they have a lot of synth and eletronica. Their lyrics are my favorite part of their music. Here’s their hit, Hurricane:

Overall, their sound has an almost ethereal quality to it, and reminds me of Florence + The Machine. Here’s their recently released hit, Painted:

These bands and their songs have all been an impact one way or another. I don’t know what I’d do without music, and how it has a way to speak to the dark corners of my soul. There’s a lot of other songs I could list, but here’s three bands that I think everyone should give a listen to.


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