Do as Peggy Says

Strong female characters are hard to come by. Often times its because they’re shoved into the background or their storyline is cut short because of death, poor writing, or show cancellation. Women want to be represented on television just as much as their male counterparts – and not just to be the romantic interest.

That’s why its so incredibly important for ABC to renew Marvel’s Agent Carter. So here’s a list of reasons as to why the story of Agent Carter and her creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the most valuable television shows that needs to be renewed.

1) Agent Carter is a strong female role model.

Peggy is a strong character. She sticks to her values, knows her value to the SSR, and continues to do whatever it takes to fight for what is right. With Captain America gone, someone has to continue to fight the good fight.

But Peggy isn’t just strong. She’s interesting, and complicated. Peggy has been vulnerable, and cried. She doesn’t look for validation, and doesn’t care what her coworkers think.

And that’s because Peggy is written as a person, not just as a strong female role model.

2) Peggy is the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With Peggy being the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. this would be an excellent show to add to the Marvel repertoire. She’s a woman who created an organization to support the likes of Captain America, like the Howling Commando. They help protect people when a team like the Avengers can’t be everywhere at once.

Since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on, this would be a wonderful tie to the television show. Where else could we learn the history of such a powerful organization, and also find out how it strayed?

3) Peggy has healthy relationships.

Agent Carter isn’t searching for a husband. She misses Steve, but she isn’t going out trying to get herself hitched. She won’t date someone because she isn’t interested in them in the same way. Peggy politely turned down Sousa when he asked her out. She was touched he asked, but she didn’t want to lead him on.

In place of a romantic relationship, Peggy and Sousa have a respectful friendship. It moved past coworkers as the first season progressed, and has seemed to settle around friendship.

Peggy and Jarvis are supportive of each other. They have all of their witty banter, and he has grown to where he isn’t just a sidekick, but also a supportive friend. Jarvis respects Peggy, and does what he can to help her during a mission. He doesn’t push her aside and do things himself, he shares the load with her.

4) Peggy doesn’t take 1940s patriarchy bullshit.

The 40s were a very heteronormative time. But Peggy doesn’t let that stop her. She continues to forge her own path.

When someone says something akin to, “Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich,” she subverts that with a quick retort on her tongue, and continuing with the task at hand.

5) Peggy supports other women.

Her roommate, Colleen, worked hard nights as a riveter. She would come back in the morning to sleep just as Peggy got up for work at the SSR. They were supportive friends, and it was evident that Peggy was torn that Colleen died because they were roommates.

Peggy stuck up for Angie in the diner, and Angie returned that favor by finding Peggy a place to live. They supported each other, and trusted each other, even after Peggy’s roommate was killed.

When men would sneak into the boarding house, Peggy didn’t slut-shame the women. At one point when she found Howard with a tenant of the boarding house, Peggy berated him. She never once said an ill word towards the other women she lived with. Well, except for Dottie, but clearly there’s reason for that.

6) Peggy has excellent fashion.

Obviously Agent Carter is a period show. So the clothing is of course, period appropriate.

Peggy still shows off her feminine side while kicking ass. She doesn’t let her clothing stop her from getting her hands dirty.

And even when she needs to change, Peggy is wearing something practical. Need to go into a tunnel? Let’s wear a practical jump suit instead of her usual skirts and blouses.

There’s more reasons than just the ones listed, ABC. Even Forbes thinks you should renew Agent Carter.

So the decision is simple:

Renew Agent Carter.

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