You Are Leslie Knope

Fictional characters have always made up a significant portion of my life. Whether its searching for horcruxes, or fighting off the evil exes with Scott Pilgrim.

But I haven’t identified with any character more than Leslie Knope.

Besides our intense love for waffles, we also hold our friends and work in high regard.

After watching the final episode of Parks and Recreation, I realized how much I’m going to miss this show.

I’m going to miss Leslie doing whatever she can to help her friends, her waffle dates, Ron’s honesty, and basically everything this show is about. I’ve learned a lot.

The best advice from the show is surrounding myself with people who I care about, and care about me. That’s tough when you’re in college and everything is changes. They’ll help me face the world, even if we’re miles apart.

Oh, and waffles. Waffles should always be in my top three priorities.

Thanks Leslie.

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