Free Time

Ever since I started college, I spent a considerable amount of my spare time doing homework, or hanging out with friends, or maybe both.

When summer rolls around, one of those disappears for four months, and suddenly I’m left with a lot of spare time that needs to be filled. But how should I fill it?

I spent all day Saturday doing a major paper due on Tuesday during finals week. That’s fine and dandy, and really, between me and summer stands one more minor project. Saturday night rolled around, and as I turned in the project and looked at my to-do list, I realized I was way ahead of schedule.

On Sunday, I rested.

I enjoyed breakfast with my RA staff for the 2015-16 school year. And immediately afterwards, I left the school for GameStop.

With three games purchased, I could dedicate several hours to vegging out and getting rid of some stress killing aliens. Playing video games was how I destressed in Seattle. My best friend and I would sit for endless hours on a Saturday and play through entire campaigns in a first person shooter.

And I missed it.

All of my usual stress relievers had been in Seattle until last winter break when I brought my PS3 back. That was probably the best decision I have made in a while – at least in terms of stress relief.

So now, I have several games to spend time on – among the other ways I’ve already decided to dedicate my summer to.

Here’s to an interesting summer!


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