Be Happy, Be Healthy

With summer steadily approaching, its probably a good time to purge my life of some bad habits and develop new ones in the next four months.

Habits to develop:

Eating  Healthier – This is probably the most common habit next to exercise. However it is an important one. Nothing beats some healthy meals, even when I’m craving a taco at 2 in the morning, or a milkshake for breakfast. But those are probably habits I could do without. Actually, let’s be realistic, the 2 AM taco could go. However the milkshake will stay – I throw in a lot of granola or cereal to at least make me feel better about that choice – its dairy and I can’t go wrong there.

Maybe my Co-RAs and I will participate in meatless Mondays every week. Dinner could be interesting salads and fruits, and it would allow us some creativity with the items in harvest for the summer.

Exercise Regularly – As mentioned above, this is a common new habit for many that usually starts around New Years. I think summer time is the best opportunity to build exercise into a routine because the weather is beautiful that I always want to be outside. Whether we’re working out in the gym, hiking, biking, or playing a game of manhunt on campus, this summer will be a time to focus on another aspect of self improvement.

Read More – I tend to read less for enjoyment during the school year, so it seems like a fine time to cross some books off of my reading list. I’ll have a separate post entirely about this list – which has grown quite long – so stay tuned for that!

Be Creative – I want to get in the habit of writing consistently and taking photos. I want to purchase a GoPro so that my friends and I can use that when we’re active this summer. Not to mention it will be fun to take home to Seattle and strap to my dog.

These are some of my goals for the summer. Do you have some? What are they?


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