I dislike running.

That’s not as strong as saying, “I hate running,” because I don’t hate it.

Give me a sport to play like ultimate frisbee, or soccer, and I’m 1000% invested. I don’t like running as a form of exercise.

I used to be in crew and row; or ride my bike through the woods. My mom and I used to play tennis every other night through the summer. When I get the chance I still jump on an indoor rowing machine because I prefer the full body workout and motions of rowing. I picked up racquet ball because the game play wasn’t hampered by the weather. When it snows I can snowshoe logging trails and explore the back country.

Now that the snow is hopefully behind us, its a good time to start working out again. I forgot how good I felt when I worked out regularly last summer.

So my best friend and I are going to get back to working out. She’s going to run twice a week with her boyfriend, and the other days we’ll do something else; yoga, frisbee, racquet ball, hiking once a week, or going to the gym.

We’ll eat better, keep ourselves accountable, and look for ways to exercise our minds and bodies.

Looks like a good summer to me.


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